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Hello, Hi! Yes, we’re still here… it’s been a while and, well, there’s been a lot going on! I’ve neglected this spot of the internet but thankfully my blog is here and looks very much the same as it did many months ago (whoops!).

I’ve been a bit preoccupied – growing a baby, birthing a baby and growing a baby some more (oh and moving house). Fair excuse is what I’m telling myself. We made a boy, he’s gorgeous and everything about his time (pre birth, mid birth and post birth) has been nothing short of wondrous. I’m sure I’ll be chatting a little bit here and there about our ‘new normal’ and how motherhood changes you – oh, does it! – and also how it leaves you re-discovering ‘you’ and re-thinking ‘you’ on so many levels. Still you but another level of you following so much change.

I’ve got some exciting potentials in the pipeline for work and collabs so watch this space – both mumma related and Bristol based, as well as so much more!

I don’t feel at all guilty for ignoring these pages but, 9 months postpartum, I have been feeling the itch to do some writing. Of course every time I sit down with computer poised and copious amounts of tea ready our darling boy wakes up from his nap and reminds me it’s just not the right time. And for that I certainly am grateful!! He’s right, this time we have is precious and tiring and something I want to embrace and remember forever. So I’ll just leave this note here and see when the next opportunity occurs when I can sit and write about nature, Bristol, healthy eating, mummahood, big feelings and probably post some photos too…..

So until then, more tea.



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  1. Susan 17th May 2017 / 8:41 pm

    Great to see you again! Can’t wait for some more of your clever, funny and insightful writing and beautuful pictures. When baby permits…..

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