In the Bark of a Tree

Countryside in the City

Bristol has been named European Green Capital 2015 for a reason- it’s environmentally forward thinking; a city full of wildlife and natural colour. The RWA in Bristol reflected this green glory creatively, with their winter exhibition ‘Arboretum’. Continuing the longstanding relationship that art has with nature, the work shown embodied stories of environmental issues and natural beauty – all with trees as the core subject.

The variety of trees in Bristol parks, streets and in residential gardens is awesome. Although the trees are mostly standing bare at the moment, I still find that each tree has endless photographic appeal. I love getting up close to examine the textures, shapes and range of colours that are ever evolving.

branches of a tree

Callington Road Local Nature Reserve, Brislington

The details in the bark of a birch tree is what captured my eye during a visit to Callington Road Nature Reserve. When this land in Brislington was truly nurtured around 2009, plenty of young indigenous trees were planted. Now, more than 5 years on, these birches are still growing tall and providing hints of the countryside within our nature strewn city.

Patterned bark

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  1. DB Redfern 16th March 2015 / 1:57 pm

    I am amazed at what you can find in terms of pockets of countryside right on your doorstep. We had previously been to the Northern Slopes when they hosted a Wild Weekend which is a great Autumn event but yesterday we took our leaflet to explore The Bommie – a tiny patch of land but where we are the children thoroughly enjoyed the open spaces, spectacular views and finally discovering where Bramble Farm was located. Well worth checking out:

    • Nicola Dellard-Lyle 16th March 2015 / 7:20 pm

      Hi DB, thanks so much for commenting and sharing! I’ll definitely check out The Bommie it’s not far from me :) Nicola

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