Grape Hyacinths for April

Just days after the clocks sprung forward an hour, we saw our back garden begin to come to life. A touch of extra sun and a little West Country rain contributed to the arrival of dabbles of colour and more splashes of green every day- not to mention flourishing grasses that will soon require cutting.

Now, we have a small patch of purple bathing in the sunniest spot of our garden – the grape hyacinths. The collection soaks in the rays, attracting bees and creating our very own plot of wild flowers to enjoy.

With the rest of April sure to offer the usual mix of long bright days and downpours, I look forward to seeing more surprises when I look out of the window each morning.

Grape Hyacinth and Bee

Grape Hyacinth

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    • Nicola Dellard-Lyle 7th April 2015 / 6:22 pm

      Thank goodness indeed! Enjoying so much colour morning, noon and evening this week!

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